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Music educators Daniel M. Reck and Daniel M. Reck perform Joy to the World as handbell duet hymntune accompaniment.

Here we are!  As we finally get started on new the new adventures mentioned in my last post and have had time to catch my breath, I am in a joyful mood.  Naturally, this catalyzed my craving for creative composition.

Daniel displays a fully disassembled Schulmerich C4 handbell.

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During the filming of the Auld Lang Syne new year video I encountered a minor disruption when the restraining spring broke inside the F3. This rendered the instrument unplayable. Fortunately, I had the proper part, tools, and knowledge to quickly get up and running.

Daniel unboxes the ridiculously huge aluminum C2 handbell from Malmark.

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While I work to expand the accessibility of handbells and musicianship, it is a privilege to also expand the literal range of handbell instruments I get to use in that mission.