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Commentary in The Mu of Monmouth College
March 2009 Issue - Volume 1, Issue 4

Well, I have to ask, “What are we doing with Greek Week?”

By many accounts, Greek Week 2009 was a great success.  Fine leaders and chapters were recognized with awards (see page 3), the banquet impressed faculty members, and donations of food and funds were given to the Jameson Center.

Why, then, have I had so many people in my office complaining about Greek Week?

Administrators and faculty members are not the complainants.  In fact, they have been mute.  It has been a steady stream of students expressing concerns to me about Greek Week.

Some of the concerns were incidental, such as “the rehearsal time we have sucks.”  However, there was a recurring theme of concerns which needs to be out in the open:

Too much competition, not enough fraternal value.  Men and women were both upset that most Greek Week activities revolved around competition rather than cooperation or service.  One organization has promised not to participate next year if Greek Week doesn’t reflect fraternal values.

The pairing system.  Pairing four men’s organizations with three women’s groups doesn’t work.  It’s unfair to the “odd” group.  It’s unfair to the women who must disassociate from their chapters.  Surely there is a more interfraternal approach.

Cheating and badmouthing.  Chapters shouldn’t be insulting one another during competition.  There is positively no reason a fraternity man should call a woman a “bitch” during show rehearsals (or any other time.)  Stealing from one other’s penny wars pitchers is just lame.

So, first off, let’s praise these upstanding men and women for bringing these issues to our attention.  Next, let’s get back to our fraternal values and do something about it.  Send your best ideas to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll make sure next year’s Greek Week steering committee sees them.


Daniel M. Reck, M.S.Ed., is Assistant Director of Greek Life, Leadership, and Involvement at Monmouth College.  He is affiliated with Sigma Nu Fraternity.

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