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I am committed to my students, educational colleagues, and artistic partners. I help organizations do great work in education, music, and media.
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Daniel Marshall Reck, M.S.Ed., is a higher education administrator and artist experienced in leadership development, student involvement, and creative direction. He is Executive Director at Sound Curiosity, a community organization supporting music and STEM education.

As an artist, he is a music composer, photographer, and graphic designer, and is published by forzandoArts.

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I create and perform music, capture engaging photos, and deliver creative solutions.
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I leverage my creative energy to engage and empower students to become leaders in society.
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My work is licensed for exhibition by the Smithsonian, appears in national publications, and energizes campus communications.

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My mission is to do right by my students and colleagues. They notice.
  • He is a thoughtful, forward-looking colleague, with a deep interest in how complex organizations — like liberal arts colleges — work together across divisions. He has a gift for analysis and problem solving in the areas of student-leadership cultivation and community engagement.
    Dr. Brenda Tooley Director of the Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies, Knox College
  • Working with Daniel was a great experience. I was able to learn from him but also take what I learned and use it actively. Daniel was very organized and did a great job at inspiring cohesive and interactive environments which lead to the overall betterment for not only my organization but many others at the college.
    Derek Barrow My Former Student / National Account Manager, Spectrum Brands, Inc.
  • Daniel is a talented and hard-working individual, who enjoys working with students. He is knowledgeable about the internal and external facets of higher education, and uses this knowledge to bring about positive changes... I was particularly impressed by his ability to step up and demonstrate a true willingness to help and succeed.
    Rania Henry Senior Financial Analyst, Midwestern University
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