#BuildBetterBrains Project

Making Music Makes You Smarter
Polishing a B5 handbell with an old sock.

How to B ready to make a handbell video?  Polishing the bells, of course. Especially this B5.

So, what's going on here?  Over the last long while I've been working with forzandoArts assemble a recording studio suitable for handbell videos.  I'll be showing some of the behind-the-scenes of that to patrons as we go, but what's important is that the studio is finally ready.

Just a few touches on the instruments and I'll be ready to start recording a series of videos that (I hope) are both entertaining and educational, even more than my earlier Shadows of Bronze performances.

Please let me know what you'd like to see. Say hi on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

And if you can, please consider offering a little bit of support. Even a few dollars makes a difference — it can buy a new piece of music for me to perform — or get a new tub of handbell polish when this one runs out.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. I'll be making music for you soon.

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