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While I've been making progress on our new studio, I have had time to prepare the third tutorial for “Evening Prayer” from Hansel and Gretel and you, my fantastic patrons, are the first to see it.  Your support over the the last several months has made my first music education video series a success.  Thank you.

Picking up at the start of measure 15 from the second tutorial, we continue working back to measure 9 before wrapping up with a run-through of everything we've learned so far. We even learn how to use four-in-hand as an option to smooth out a short eighth-note passage!

I am feeling confident that my next tutorial will let us wrap up “Evening Prayer” and we'll be ready to play all the way through. I can't wait to see and hear your performances!

I will have some updates for the new studio space soon.  In the mean time, please share these videos widely and encourage friends to join in support.  Your recommendations and questions make what I'm doing better, so please add them in the YouTube video comments. As always, be sure to smash the thumbs-up icon to like the videos, subscribe on YouTube, and ring the notification bell.  This is important signaling to YouTube that helps them know to share my videos with other people who are into music and handbells.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. I couldn't do this without you.

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