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After being blasted with more than a foot of snow last night, some of it drifting up to three feet, the Monmouth College campus was something of a mess this morning.

While I trudged my way through hip-deep snow on the way to work, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a few Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity members, including house manager Dominic Savino (pictured above), were out shoveling the sidewalks on the north end of campus.

Classes were canceled today, as they were at many universities in our region. While society might assume that "the frat boys" would take the opportunity to sleep in, it was nice to see that they had taken their fraternal oaths of service seriously. No one asked them to help our Physical Plant staff, yet there they were, scooping up the heavy fluff.

Thanks, gentlemen.

Welcome to real life. Too bad this stuff never happens on TV shows featuring fraternity members.

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