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Heartsfield - Signature Series EditionMAY 11, 2007 — CHICAGO, ILL. — For decades, southern rock band Heartsfield has charmed listeners with sweet guitar licks and foot stompin' beats.  The only problem was that fans needed a turntable to listen to the classic releases on vinyl records.  In the coming months, this will change as remastered recordings featuring graphic artwork by Daniel M. Reck will be released.

The first two albums, the self-titled Heartsfield and crowd-pleaser The Wonder of It All will be released in time for the holiday shopping season as part of the "Signature Series" of Heartsfield albums, which will feature retooled artwork in addition to crisper audio free of the pops and hisses associated with LP records.


Wonder of it All - Signature Series EditionWith one exception, the cover art will replicate the original front of the record jacket.  "At the request of Perry [Jordan, the band leader], I'll be changing the face of The Wonder of It All," says Reck.  "It will be subtle, and I hope the redesign speaks well to the ethereal quality of the album."

While the covers will remain nearly the same, the bonus for fans will be inside the jewel case.  "The inside of the liners will feature all new artwork and some classic, hard-to-find photos of the band," says Reck.  The face of the CDs will also have new artwork, with a special tribute appearing on The Wonder of It All disc.

"The original studio hired this artist to draw up a picture for each tune to go on the lyric sheet," said lead guitarist and songwriter Perry Jordan.  Reck's new design will incorporate some of that classic pen-and-ink art.  "Heartsfield's music is timeless, undeniably a product of the era but still sounding fresh," says Reck.  "The artwork for their albums should similarly reflect this quality."

The final two albums of the "Signature Series," Foolish Pleasures and Collectors Item, will be released in 2008.  All of Heartsfield's albums may be purchased on their website at www.heartsfield.com or from forzandoArts at www.forzandoArts.com.  forzandoArts also offers electronic downloads of the complete albums.

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