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Heartsfield: The Writer's TapesSEPTEMBER 25, 2010 — CHICAGO, ILL. — New artwork and photography from Daniel M. Reck are featured on the new reissues of two Heartsfield albums.  The aouthern rock band has charmed listeners with sweet guitar licks and foot stompin' beats since the 1970s and has issued nearly a dozen issues in that time.

One of the reissued albums featuring Reck's artwork originally debuted in 1999, when band leader Perry Jordan released The Writer's Tapes, an album which featured many unheard cuts of popular Heartsfield tunes and previously unrecorded tracks.

"Heartsfield has a long history of songwriting and recording and we wanted to share with our friends and fans a look at what made us groove," said Jordan of his album.

Reck was also the graphic designer and photographer for the reissue of All Over the Place, originally released in 2002. The record features tracks recorded at live concerts and live radio broadcasts, as well as from board recordings of club appearances.

On All Over the Place, the cover art will replicate the original album art.  However, the bonus for fans will be inside the case.  "I've created all new artwork and photography for the CD face and the rest of the liner and tray card" says Reck. "I also included a classic hard-to-find photo of frontman Perry Jordan and bass player Steve Eddington."

In comparison, The Writer's Tapes enjoyed a complete makeover. "This album's graphics needed to feel edgy and unfinished, like a work in progress," said Reck. "That's the whole musical direction of the album, and the cover should reflect that."

"These songs were recorded a various studios, at various stages of the production process," said Jordan in the liner notes. "Many times the original demos or preproduction recordings captured more of the energy, emotion, innocence, and rawness that the artists felt from the initial inspiration."

Reck previously worked on the publisher's "Signature Series" reissue of Heartsfield's four classic albums in 2007 and 2008. "I am pleased to collaborate again with Planet49 Records," he said.

All of Heartsfield's albums may be purchased on their website at www.heartsfield.com or from forzandoArts at www.forzandoArts.com.  forzandoArts also offers electronic downloads of the complete albums.

"I am pleased to collaborate again with Planet49 Records," said Reck, who previously worked on the publisher's "Signature Series" reissue of Heartsfield's four classic albums.
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